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I offer a broad spectrum to satisfy your needs in the best possible way - that can be an erotic massage without sex but also with sex or even pure sex, if you are too horny.  I serve all sex.


For me, a lot happens on the emotional level. I basically work nude only with full physical effort to get you relaxed or hot - here it can sparkle you and  become very extastish, if you get involved in it. I prefer a friendly date based on mutual respect and tolerance.


If you need a male escort to you events, i offer you also classical escort service as time sharing partner by appointment.. In classical escort service i offer you white suit or pine stripe - non-nude!


Basically i am serving outcall, mobile only at your home or hotel for massage and sex service for woman, ts, man and couples aged 21 to 65 y.o on 24 hrs on 7 days a week; also group events are possible.


Here are my 5 basic types of service offering for you:


a) erotic massage services

b) erotic massage services with a/p bi sex services

c) a/p bi sex services only

d) nude cooking

e) classic event escort (non-nude)


I offer 3 kinds of erotic nude massage services:


- time based standard erotic massages

- content based erotic massages and sex combinations

- speciale erotic massage and sex packages for each sex


In erotic sex service i offer nude service mostly with full body contact to serve you best from each you should like to feel my body i have my nudes in the gallary to watch what you will get.


I hope you like what you read and see, offering you my services from massage, to sex service and finally classic escort service - just take a look at my site and choose what drives you - if you like service or have questions, just drop me a line.


Please leave comments where its possible to know what you like or not!

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