Here you can book me total non-nude for accompany to your event:

(Service currently offered in Netherlands and Germany only)


- Loungeparties with conversion

- Art Events

- Concerts

- Dinner

- Business

- Social


Any other event on request  


I can be gentleman, cool crazy guy or totally ordinary, just tell me what kind of image you need.

While serving you, i don`t smoke nor drink any alcohol for our security.

For my apperance, you can choose between:


a) White Suit

    - black patent-leather shoes

       or sportive beige/brown shoes

    - white socks

    - with/-out slip

    - white 501 Jeans, button-up

    - white toadflex Jacket

    - metal  tie

 => More casual, but cool


b) Pinestripe Suit

    - black shoes

    - black socks

    - classic pine stripe

    - white shirt with doubble cuff

    - metal  tie

 => Classical gentleman



My rates for serving you::


All rates plus all costs.

Booking Precondition: Min. 3 days before for dinner and min. 1 week before for events.



(Only organic food: Prefer Asian kitchen, Meditarian kitchen, standard food, vegetarian food, vegan food)

Dinner 3 hrs = 300 Euro

Gala Dinner 6 hrs = 600 Euro

Cooking together 6 hrs = 600 Euro


Standard accompany:

3 hrs = 300 Euro

6 hrs = 600 Euro

12 hrs = 1.200 Euro

24 hrs = 2.200 Euro

48 hrs = 4.500 Euros  




Healthy precondition: I don`t use any fragrance - you don`t use any fragrance too!

If you don`t accept my rules, please don`t book me.

if i meet you and you use fragrance, i will terminate our date immediately or i will wear a respirator all the time, depending on strength.